Friday, October 10, 2008

Artists, show yourselves - A potter is born!

Those who have been following my work even since before I got a blog (this blogging thing actually began on know that I often have themes for my work, some of the past ones have been tribal, mother and child, and couples. Well, there is now a new boss in town, and its artists, I am going to be making lots of artists in the act of creation OR just amogst their artwork, all these works of art will of course be made by me, miniature paintings will be painted by me and tiny pottery (see below) sculpted with my own two hands.
So I just finished my first potter, I can relate to her cause I love ceramics, but she likes handbuilding more than wheel throwing.

As you can see above, first I made little clay pots, then I baked them in the oven and painted them brown, I made coil pots in addition to smooth bowls and vessels, everything is in earth tones. Next came making the artist, I ADORE this little beauty, she is just too cute for words, so here is a photo:

As you can see I also made a "wooden" table, I know, its awesome right? Im getting kind of good at making little props ;-p
The photo below is the finished product, and the position I gluded everything into the cube she is placed in. I hand sculpted tiny butterflies to go in her case, but her wings are real.
So what kind of artist will be made next? A PAINTER!

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