Saturday, October 25, 2008

Belly dancer #2

Hi guys! Here are some pictures of the second belly dancer that I made, there were to be three if you remember, well, this is number two. She is a bit heavier than the last one and simpler as well.

This was the original intended pose which later changed.

Here she is being dressed up with a beaded necklace, jewel in the center of her chest, and metal covers for her breasts. Her skirt was made with blended green polymer clays.

Earrings are added here

More beads are added to her skirt because apparently I think more is more. Hair is thick and plentiful!

I did hold back more than I did on the other girl though and didnt overrun the piece with jewelry and stuff, this is the finished product holding crystals.

Pictured below with belly dancer #1 AKA gypsy lady


  1. i remember the bellydancers and how that woman didn't like them. but i like them!

  2. Wow, I forgot about her, she was the reason I made them in the first place. You know what? I have no hard feelings because if it wasnt for her suggestion, they would not exist, and the guy who ended up buying the gypsy at a street fair for his girlfriend was in LOVE with it... it was meant to be :)