Saturday, October 25, 2008

Custom order tattoo daughter

Hello, I took a break from making belly dancers for a second to work on my custom order. June had me make her daughter out of polymer clay and dictated what she wanted. June had seen my henna doll (pictured below) with positive affirmations on its arms and wanted me to make her daughter like that but with colorful tattoo’s. I obliged and even attempted at making the doll resemble the woman a bit. It was a fun challenge to get the features similar and to have the hair look right, but the end result was well worth it. She reads: Peace, Love, Life, Hope, Passion, Pain, and Prosperity. I hand painted on each tattoo actually drawing inspiration and mimicking the ones found on my model. She is pretty darn cool, I think I will get her a green and black and gold butterfly for her back.

below, the henna girl who instigated this project

below, the custom order with a photo of the actual clients daughter

Me, painting the figure

More photos of the lady I was to create along with pics of her tattoos for me to draw inspiration

Below is the finished product and some close up's of her cool tattoo's, be sure to click the images to see them big.

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