Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Big Blog Union Square Park June 1st

Where to begin, this blog could get really lengthy and scattered, so I will attempt to organize it into sections. This blog is going to talk about the blessing in disguise which was my cancellation of the street fair on Saturday and subsequent “return” to Union Square Park. This was not planned but it was appreciated, aside from the horrible sunburn on both my shoulders, I had a great time and much nostalgia caught me by surprise from the drummers, to street performers (break dancers), and also the fellow artists who greeted me warmly since we all are a sort of loose-knit community there, something I had forgotten amongst the isolation at street fairs.

See, I am already going off in all directions. I will organize the blog into the following sections. The experience setting up again and the warm welcomes, the customer base at Union Square, then some pictures of my table, and lastly, pictures and a little bit about the pieces I made that day in the park and my desires for a public art project. This blog will contain pictures, links to other peoples websites, a video clip, and a bunch of reflection from me, if you bore easily skip the text and just enjoy the photographs, but if you are interested in what I have to say about feeling free and satisfied creating art then read on!

So I decided Sunday to go to Union Square, what I call my old stomping grounds even though ive only been selling there three years and was shocked at the number of artists there, I was VERY fortunate to have found a great spot right across the street from Whole Foods Market where people are used to finding me. The artists there were very friendly, photographers, painters, and sculptors all greeted me with such warm welcome backs, and the ones who didn’t know me introduced themselves and we talked. It was a very relaxing beautiful day, and aside from the occasional strong wing gust, it was perfect! I must take precautions against the sun next time… more than a hat is going to have to do, or at least long sleeves or a scarf or bring an umbrella or something because I am suffering the effects of sun damage… something I was always careful of. Anyway, setting up my table feels so good, all eyes on you, people wonder, “Whats this guy selling?” and usually they are quite pleased. I don’t know if its because I havent sold in many other places in the city (such as SOHO, near the MET or MOMA, or Central Park) or because this was the very first place I began selling, but I feel at home in Union Square, I will definitely make it a point to come out every Sunday that I can from now on.
Here is my display

The customer base at Union Square is very different from that of street fairs, I don’t know what causes it but I will simply state my theory which is not necessarily true. People at street fairs know that you pay for the space and that you do not in street vending so people at the park tend to spend much less and bargain much more when trying to buy from you. Its not a problem, I just never noticed before because I had nothing to compare my sales with. Also during street fairs I mostly sold my big stuff, but at Union Square I only sold small pieces (except for one pre-arranged sale) which is fine, its just an observation. Its nice not to have too much overhead though besides the cost of travel and the usual materials and time to make the art without paying rent, its also more laid back as you can stay for as long or as short as you want without anyone kicking you out. I left around 8:30-ish but during the late summer have stayed much longer. I love my faithful customers from Union Square especially those who have visited me at other events like my street fairs and those who help sell my work to others when they visit my table.
Speaking of customers, here is a video I did during a 'bored' period, I knew as soon as I took out the camera someone would come and talk to me, such is the way it goes.

Check out these customer pics.

Check out the pic below taken by a five year old!
Love it, awesome candid and the guy got a cute little shy butterfly person.

Here are a couple of pieces that I really liked that were sold, the golden girl was sold to a lovely lady from Israel

The little guy was sold to fellow artist http://www.buttaflysoul.com/
His shirt said "Art = Purpose" A spin on the 'Art=Life' slogan

Lastly (conforming to my previously mentioned format) I will chat a little about the little muses/nymphs/sirens/butterfly ladies that I made while I was sitting there at the park. Interestingly they are the force behind many of my sales because people can see me creating them and thus know I produce my own art (NYers need to see it to believe it). The little beauties are continuously being made by me throughout the day and I usually go home with a couple. They do shed light on the air we breathe in crowded places in the city though, the little girls are always covered with soot from car exhausts and particles floating about the air of the city… its pretty horrible to know this material finds itself in my lungs everyday but what can I do? I usually (if they are not squished when going home) end up painting them another color for this reason, but they are always sold fast as they are full of life that they capture simply by coming into existence with such good energy in the world. Here are some pictures of one of the voluptuous tiny figures I made on Sunday sitting on various light/sign/fire hydrant objects in the park as the crowds in the background remain oblivious to her existence.

I love her body, she is a REAL WOMAN

It was a beautiful day and Im happy to have shared it with you and to have partially captured it forever on camera. Cheers to many more days of doing what truly makes me happy, making my babies and adopting them out to good homes!


  1. I just wanted to say that your voluptous woman made my day. Thank you for making a beautiful, full of life, real woman.

  2. Thank you! Your comment made my day! You should see her now, Gold with Angel wings :).