Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Hi! Today reminded me of why its such a good thing to live in or around NYC! The museums!
Some of the worlds freaking best art museums and galleries are here just waiting to be gawked at by artists who can draw inspiration and ideas off of the past.
Today I visited one gallery and one museum.
The gallery was Cue at 511 West 25th street, the particular reason I went was to see the work of Shay Church who had installed a wonderful wet clay piece - a large elephant which was very impressive and inspirational for me who obviously has not done any monumental work.
Below is an image of one of his past exhibitions... all of these pieces are large and made on site since they are not fired clay.

The next place I visited was the Brooklyn Museum, and before you get excited I will not be giving a critique of the Murakami exhibit or attempting to emulate any of his pieces.
This was the first time I have been to the museum which is kind of sad considering Ive been here in New York for four years now, but I always chose the Met instead when deciding where to go for ancient arts. However there was one piece I was suggested to see which was to inspire some sort of change in my polymer clay creations, and that was a Chinese Tomb tower with figures inside. It was not too much unlike the one pictured below but I failed to find anything of use for me personally since the figures inside were very simplified and more like chess pieces than figurines, but the architecture of the towers were very impressive for ceramics.

What did end up finally making my eyes widen were the Tibetan Manuscript Covers which were just beautiful hand carved 13th century embellished pieces of wood which held the manuscripts inside. Ive been playing with the idea of using the figure (the butterfly person) and turning her into a 3-dimensional canvas for a while now but what to paint on her? You saw a sneak peek with the Henna lady a few blogs ago, but the next one will definitely be based on a Tibetan manuscript. I have already made a red lady, and will be working on painting her tomorrow so hopefully you will be able to see pictures by the end of the day.

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