Thursday, June 26, 2008


The latest creation is similar to a henna girl I did before but with a new pattern and more detail (she is a much smaller figure than my last one here
The idea behind all of these latest butterfly people is simple, the pieces are being looked at as more art objects than dolls or even people, instead of seeing a girl, you might see a vase, a ceramic vase which usually deals with form, and decoration, these just happen to be in the shape of human beings so the form is human form, natural and curvy, and the surface decoration now comes into play which makes for an interesting piece. The henna designs from the eastern parts of the world make the figure delicate and ornate.

She was hand formed out of polymer clay and then hand painted with paint designed to look like wet henna (before its removed). She took quite a few hours to complete, but the end result was well-worth it, enjoy the pictures below which documented her embellishment.

Below, the process begins, the pictures in the background were my inspiration for the body art designs used on her.

That's me folks

I love this designing because its very delicate and fragile looking, it also makes the surface of the figure more interesting, I am currently looking into form and decoration, seeing the pieces more as art objects than dolls or even people.

Below, after many hours or painting and perfecting the design, I'm ready to play with the eyes. First I paint the area the eyes will be at white, then mix the eye color, then pupils are placed and reflection is painted in.

I skipped out on the red lips so that there was nothing too bold about the piece as far as the color palette goes.

The hair was formed from flattened sheets of black/beige clay and then cut out in strips, the strips were laid on her head one by one until the desired look was achieved. Not having solid black hair breaks up the hair and makes it less contrasting with the rest of the figure.

That's it, I adore her, she will be my new poster girl on my signage when I sell at the park this weekend (weather permitting).

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  1. She is so gorgeous! Your girls really make me wish I lived in NYC so I could see them in person.