Thursday, June 5, 2008

The latest

How could I follow up a blog like the last one, so full of pictures and commentary?
With a bland one of course.
I want to tell you about what im currently working on, and they are dolls! Yes dolls... well more like art doll-sculptures really because they are going to be sculpted figures but with real clothing and real hair! I havent done the hair thing in sometime... I think in total ive only done like four or five pieces with real hair, but im going to be doing little native women with real hair, inspired by Guatemala's indigenous women.
Hopefully at least one will be done before my next street fair, but id like to complete two of them. The next street fair is right around the corner, it is this Saturday June 7th 2008 on Second Avenue, I will be specifically between 17th and 18th street on 2nd ave, so come and check me out you lower east side people!
If it doesnt rain Sunday (its supposed to) then I will also attend Union Square Park on the 8th.
Toodles! Pictures of my Indian dolls coming up next time!

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