Sunday, June 1, 2008

Trust Instinct First, Weather Man Second...

I cannot believe I forfeited the money I paid yesterday for my spot in the Lexington fair because I decided to listen to the weather forecast which said SEVERE thunderstorms all day on Saturday, but as Saturday got underway they changed the forecast from 9am-late evening thunderstorms to 4pm until 8pm severe weather with 25mph winds and hail. NONE of which happened, yesterday was a beautiful gorgeous day and I wasted it! Well... not exactly. I did make eleven new miniature butterfly people, a couple are mermaids (see below) and really awesome, all of the new ones are fully clothed because all my latest little ones have been little nudes and rather simple/plain so I decided to make them with a lot going on again.

Also I took the opportunity to change my little boy yesterday, I mean... no one wants him, I've had him for ages and I noticed a lot of people say he has a thong on, another lady said it looks like I made his penis really long and its wrapped around him, so what I did was gave him big fairy eyes, and a little cloth to cover his supposed "thong" or "thing" which he was criticized for. I don't know if people will like him or not, perhaps he is supposed to stay with me for some reason.


At least he doesn't look sad anymore

Okay, so since yesterday was squandered, I will be going to Union Square today, I PROMISE! But if there are problems setting up in the park, I will probably either go across the street on 14th or walk down to Park Avenue to sell, but hopefully I will just set up in the park with what I assume will be other artists already there... I haven't been there in so long.
All my pretties from the last blog will be there so check em out if you can.

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