Thursday, June 12, 2008

With the world going green, I figured why not go brown?

Hi, this blog features my latest creations. Ive recently decided that since everyone is going “green” I would go “brown” and I don’t mean I shall begin using UPS for shipping, or even converting to recycled materials-only art; I am going to get my shades of brown back into the butterfly people. Upon returning to Union Square Park, Ive realized that people primarily buy my small pieces there, and they love diversity, ethnicity, and culture! So the pinkish-beige clay has transformed into a brownish color that goes from coffee w/milk to coffee bean colored, and out from this material springs beautiful women in all shades with colorful outfits on and brave commentary.
before fashion fair

After Fashion Fare

Some of my new pieces have text in them because I want my ideas read. None of those are here, I will save them for a later blog.
The other day I made the four girls below

The first is a Mexican woman holding her country’s flag. The next one was made from a picture of a Muslim woman, I thought, “hey, ive never seen a Muslim miniature figure before, Ill be the one to make it!” It doesn’t really represent anything controversial at all, just another beautiful women, just a covered up one.
The third is a dready-haired lady, kinda like the gypsies I make with a faded colorful skirt and white shirt and golden eye make up. The next one is a dancer with a big head of super curly hair, I tried to make ruffles on her top without much success!
I also made four pieces today, three “sisters” who are little native people from some make-believe South American Country, collecting corn in baskets which were hand woven.

And YES if you were wondering I really did hand weave these freaking baskets, and it took eternity! But it was well worth it, for they look so cute.
The last girl is a brown-haired beauty holding a cloth to partially cover herself, all of these here are only a couple to a few inches tall since they are the small cube sized pieces.

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