Sunday, March 30, 2008

A-hoy matey

Hello world!
I just got done with my philosophy homework, and composing my speech for speech class so I feel very accomplished, unforch, all this homework means little room for making the butterfly people this weekend, but all is not lost, I spent a long time working on this tiny pirate girl, she was a real challenge for me, I felt like she just never would go right, she even broke in two places after baking which I had to try and fix.
I still like her though, she is quite different.
Cant wait till the summer when my production of B-peeps will be undaunted!

I’m currently going ape shit with making custom order portraits! One little girl down, two siblings to go!
I’m going to get a portfolio together for Union Square Park this summer that features only custom portraits, I think many people would like to have one. My next blog will feature my latest custom order piece.

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