Sunday, March 2, 2008

New Campaign

Its not just McCain, Clinton, and Obama who are on the campaign trail, I’m starting my own campaign, its called NYC Inspirations which isn’t like a political campaign at all, its to acknowledge the people around the city who inspire others.

How it came about:
Today lovely singer who often sings her heart out at the South Street Seaport in lower Manhattan was there and I always pass by and don’t do anything (cause money is tight right now) so I decided to give her a butterfly person… it was one of the couples with no butterfly wings. She thanked me and seemed to really enjoy it, this made me so happy and joyous that I decided I must feed off of the positive energy and spread the love even further: all throughout the city. This will not just include singers, but any street performers, or artists who sort of live that bohemian lifestyle; you know, not really making all that much money with their art, but loving it enough to give it to the public, often for free as many partake in watching and listening and don’t give much back to the person.

What Will I get out of it?
I’m an idealist remember, just the fact that I’m spreading smiles is enough for me, but actually I’m excited to scour parts of the city looking for some talent and meeting new people… though I don’t plan on actually interacting with the artists, with the woman, I just handed it to her and waked away after listening to her sing.

What will they get out of it?
Well, if enough people read this blog, they will get exposure, maybe be discovered, you never know. But they get a butterfly person, which will be an convictive little figure that points straight out at the viewer and have written on it, “YOU INSPIRE PEOPLE!” Similar to the little sketch one I quickly sculpted below. This will be a physical hard copy of a reminder that they are important to people, hell, to the world.

How can people stay informed about this campaign?
I just made a new page on my website in the “Inspiration” section, this is where all my projects like this go, its called “NYC Inspirations” and can be directly found here:
This should be fun no?

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