Friday, March 21, 2008


What do you guys think about The Butterfly People becoming jewelry? The last person on etsy to buy a piece from me was going to use the girl for the centerpiece of a necklace, though I suggested against it since she was not reinforced to be worn. Also a customer of mine suggested they could be worn, so I thought id try it. Today I made a teeny tiny butterfly person, shes got no wings, and is painted polymer clay. I took one of those thingies you make earrings with and stuck it in her head and realized shed make a cute fairy necklace charm, or earring, but would anyone want to wear them? They could be cool Christmas ornaments as well. Ideas, ideas, so many ideas and so little time to manifest them all!

She can be a necklace and though she lost some of the essence of being a butterfly person, she will not easily break and is extremely tiny.

asymmetrical earrings even?

Below, her next to a "normal" small (under three inches tall) butterfly person for comparison.

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