Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Union Square Park (My return)

I just wanted to let the fans of the butterfly people know that I have not forgotten about you. Those who used to come out to spend a day at the park in the greatest city in the world, enjoying its diversity while talking about the meaning of life, and viewing my artwork will be happy to know we are only two and a half months away from having those days return. The hot weather, the breeze, the rain, and the shine, Union Square Park at fourteenth street is the place for vendors like me to be, true, some things are going down and the building of a restaurant on the North side of the park may push us out, but for now we enjoy these stomping grounds while we can. I will be at the park working on new pieces as well as vending my already made ladies. it’s a lot of fun to watch the butterfly people being made and I suggest everyone to come enjoy, its free! So get ready for this summer, its going to be the best one for the butterfly people yet!
Speaking of issues dealing with artists, if you or someone you know is interested in street vending like I do but don’t know where to start, and to stay on top of issues affecting artists like me in NYC, join the ARTIST (Artists' Response To Illegal State Tactics)
group on yahoo, they give you links to all the documentation you need to sell on the streets and also email issues affecting artists like myself. They might seem a bit radical, but agression is what has allowed artists in the city to have their second amendment rights to sell their art, which in turn allowed someone like me the opportunity to take advantage of this even though I didn’t fight for it, we (street artists) all have the responsibility to keep the privilege.

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